One Book One Bronx

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10/30/2018 – One Book One Bronx: Sister Outsider by Audre Lorde meeting at BronxArtSpace

One Book One Bronx engages in a weekly “call and response” by reading and discussing books that reflect and engage neighbors.

The key to making One Book One Bronx work as a stepping stone to stronger community reading is to have participants read in groups or paired with family–fathers and sons, sisters and brothers, uncles and nieces, etc. It’s “family,” supplemented with instruction, that will create a culture of reading for pleasure. Each session is led by a teaching-artist.

We are particularly interested in serving the Bronx, and invite the community as well as educators, community organizers, and parents to take part in our programs.

Let One Book One Bronx help you engage minds through reading and writing. Contact us today or download our PDF.