Site-specific Book Clubs

Starting a book club is an excellent way to strengthen literacy and build writing skills, as well as give constituents cultural access through the literary arts.

With professional instruction from a teaching-artist our book clubs engage in a literary “call and response” by reading, discussing, and engaging participants in creative writing assignments based on the reading selection. An emphasis is placed on reading comprehension, as well as creative and expository writing.

We coordinate the reading selection with clients to reflect the cultural focus of the participants to best meet their literary needs. We charge $300/session with a minimum of eight sessions, and a maximum of fifteen participants. Books are provided. CBOs offer many important community-based arts programs but frequently relegate reading to the margins of its programs.


The Literary Freedom Project places books in the center of culture-based reading and creative writing. Many of the authors on our list are available to speak to participants.

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Established in 2004, the Literary Freedom Project is a 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofit arts organization that seeks to restore the importance of reading books as an essential tool for creating intelligent, productive, and engaged young people. Towards this goal, LFP publishes Mosaic Literary Magazine; develops literature-based lesson plans; hosts the Mosaic Literary Conference and Bronx Book Fair, and organizes the borough-wide reading initiative One Book One Bronx.

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