Site-specific Book Clubs

Starting a book club is an excellent way to strengthen literacy and build writing skills, as well as give constituents cultural access through the literary arts.

With professional instruction from a teaching-artist our book clubs engage in a literary “call and response” by reading, discussing, and engaging participants in cultural conversations and creative writing based on the reading selection. An emphasis is placed on reading comprehension, as well as creative and expository writing.

We coordinate the reading selection with clients to reflect the cultural focus of the participants to best meet their literary needs. We offer a minimum of eight sessions with a maximum of fifteen participants. Books are provided. CBOs offer many important community-based arts programs but frequently relegate reading to the margins of its programs.

One Book One Bronx coordinates pre-selected books, for Bronx-based CBOs, that fit within our public marketing strategies. This tier’s book selection aims to reflect the demographics of the borough and is open to the public. Free books to the first 15 attendees. Dates must be coordinated with the existing program.

An institution-based book club is a great way to serve your CBO’s population. Separate from the One Book One Bronx brand, we coordinate a unique reading experience that engages your constituents and builds access to the joy of reading. We provide the facilitator and work with you to select the books, build audience, and coordinate the time that best suits your location.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us,

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