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The Literary Freedom Project is a Bronx-based 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofit arts organization that seeks to restore the importance of reading books as an essential tool for developing intelligent, productive, and engaged minds. Towards this goal, LFP publishes Mosaic Magazine; develops literature-based lesson plans; hosts the Mosaic Literary Conference, and presents the One Book One Bronx, a Bronx-wide initiative to increase reading habits. 


One Book One Bronx
One Book One Bronx is a new style book club that gets people reading again.  Each week, the club meets to engage in a literary “call and response” by reading and discussing books that inspire, encourage, and delight readers. Click here for details.

Lesson Plans and Workshops 
Our lesson plans, developed for secondary school educators and parents, increase options to connect literature and classroom study. Click here for additional information.

Mosaic Literary Conference
MLC provides a platform for literature-based creative thinking and knowledge sharing. Each year we invite educators, community and arts organizations, and artists to participate in various professional-development workshops. Click here for additional information.

Launched in 1998, Mosaic is a digital platform that explores the literary arts by writers of African descent, and presents a unique blend of profiles, essays, and book reviews.