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The Literary Freedom Project is committed to creating spaces that help elevate cultural narratives. Our programs value the variety of histories and cultures found in the Bronx and give educators & residents places to build community and explore social engagement.


One Book One Bronx

One Book One Bronx is a new style weekly discussion group that encourages and supports readers. We meet to discuss books that reflect the people of the Bronx.

Educator Lesson Plans

Our lesson plans and workshops, developed for secondary school educators, demonstrate how cultural and social engagement can serve as a connective tool to empower educators to use books, writing, and reading to further engage students.

Mosaic Literary Conference

The Mosaic Literary Conference is an annual event that presents creative ways of keeping books and reading valuable sources of knowledge and creativity. 


Free books distributed during One Book One Bronx, and other community book projects.


People have attended our programs: Mosaic Literary Conference, educator workshops, and One Book One Bronx


The number of public programs hosted in 2019


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Literary Freedom Project
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